R SERIES Semi Automatic Crosscut Saws


Machine Information


Series R Cross-Cut Saws are normally used in companies that produce part-worked pieces, packaging and door and window frames.

Thanks to their versatility, customers can define their own dimensions, the production capacity and the degree of automation for every model.
Used with great success in the packaging sector, they can utilize dedicated software and accessories so as to machine products in batches or all differing from one another. In the case of doors and windows frames it is possible to make network connections and receive the data directly from the office program.
The use of the Electronic Stop allows the operator to optimize the wood rapidly and precisely and with great time savings. The program allows the operator to memorize the measurements and retrieve them quickly by means of external buttons, as well as to program cutting sequences that can be repeated automatically.

Positioning by means of a rack that ensures high speed (80 mt./1’), precision and top performance levels for life, without any deterioration and need for maintenance.