OPTI SCAN 4 Scanner

Machine Information

The solid wood cutting process is fundamental for obtaining savings and quality products.

Scanner technology combined with high-speed crosscut saws is the indispensable element for companies that want to obtain the maximum yield from their wood, saving labour costs and maintaining constant and high-quality output.

The OPTI SCAN 4 scanner scans all the characteristics of the boards with precision, their qualities, defects and dimensions; the software processes them and sends the results to the saws for the cutting operation.

The OPTI SCAN 4 laser sensors and cameras recognize the knots, the bevels, the pockets with resin, the veins, the red or blue nuances and bark. The software analyses the dimensions of the defects and their locations as well as their compatibility with the operations that follow; it analyses the veins and colours of the surfaces in order to establish their qualities. The processed data provide an optimized cutting list with fixed sizes, sizes for finger joins, or boards for retrimming.

OPTI SCAN 4 can be fitted with an X-ray detection system that makes it possible to examine the interior of the wood and detect density differences and therefore defects or ferrous elements.

This system makes it possible to work rough (unplaned) boards and distinguish between defects and dirt stains or machining residues.

OPTI SCAN 4 scanners integrated with our high-performance cross-cutting lines ensure maximum compatibility and reliability; they represent the technologically most advanced and economical solution in the solid wood cross-cutting sector.