OPTIMAX Crosscut Saw for Sawmills

Machine Information

An automated crosscut saw used in sawmills for cutting large boards, even untrimmed.

Because of its speed (200 mt./1′) and cutting capacity (150 x 800 mm) it is used in-line with log saws and multi-blade saws; it automatically detects the length and thickness of the boards and optimizes them.

Used for selecting the wood, OPTIMAX is supplied with a manual laser marker (motorized on request) for marking defects and different qualities.

Sophisticated software processes the data in order to obtain the total optimization of the boards with the maximum yield.

Transmission is guaranteed by a series of hardened-steel toothed rollers. The measurements are controlled by the top metric rollers that rest on the boards and measure their real displacement with the elimination of every possibility of error caused by slipping during positioning.

It is possible to work different thicknesses at the same time without the need for any adjustments.