PUSH 1200 Pack Crosscut Saw


Machine Information

The PUSH 1200 is a completely automated cross-cutting line used mainly by producers of pallets or part-worked pieces for producing boards and small beams with a production capacity up to 200 m3 per shift.

The PUSH 1200 provides directly for the rotation of the set of boards, the preparation of the sets of superimposed boards with a vacuum system, cutting according to a cutting list, and unloading with stacking, all automatically. A 5 m. pack of boards is machined in 10 minutes.

Positioning by means of a precision rack ensures high speed (180 mt./1′), precision and top performance levels for life, without any deterioration and need for maintenance.

Great production capacity and cutting power.

  • Pusher with pneumatic grippers and speeds up to 180 mt/1′.
  • Loading of sets of boards by means of a vacuum system and strip recovery.
  • Multi-length unloading with stacking by means of mobile angular units.
  • Automatic unloading of the packs with automatic pallet changing.