R SERIES Crosscut Saws for Mills

Machine Information

Thanks to their structure and cutting capacity they are used in sawmills for working large boards or for insertion directly into the layout of lines with log cutters and multi-blade units.

Model RO500 cuts with a combined vertical-transversal blade movement and (on request) can reach a maximum width of 1000 mm and a thickness of 150 mm.

A special version of the RO500 for lamellar beams (with Ø700mm blade) makes it possible to cut up to 250×1.000mm.

A completely automatic version, OPTIMAX, is available for insertion in high-productivity lines.

The use of Electronic Stops allows the operator to optimize the wood rapidly and precisely and with great time savings. Positioning by means of a rack that ensures high speed (80 mt./1’), precision and top performance levels for life, without any deterioration and need for maintenance.

The program allows the operator to memorize the measurements and retrieve them quickly by means of external buttons as well as to program cutting sequences that can be repeated automatically.