Buldog 3-2M-950-RC Widebelt Sander

    Machine Information

    • Frame is welded out of mild steel profiles with 5 – 6 mm side width. Flanged drive motors for drive of working units are hung at the bottom of frame. Hanging of motors is managed in vertical slots of support frame plates.
    • Steel grooved roller 1st head
    • Combi head 2nd head roller @ 45° Sh
    • Motorized work table
    • Star Delta switch
    • 1st roll lifting mechanical
    • Amp-meters for each sanding head
    • Infa-red sensor for sanding belt centering
    • LED display for table position
    • Measuring of workpiece height – Table positioning
    • Rubber pressure rolls @ 45° Sh – 50mm diameter
    • Pneumatic disc motor brake
    • CSA components

    Options Included

    • Automatic centering of feed belt
    • Front & rear table extension with rolls