Twingo Brushing Machines (Sanding/Wire Brush)

Machine Information

Available in 1 to 6 head configurations

TWINGO brushing machine serves for processing of surfaces of small and medium-size workpieces from wood or composite materials produced on the basis of wood and some plastic substances

The TWINGO brushing machine is a universal machine used for the following working activities:

  • Cleaning of surfaces after previous operations, e.g. milling, thickening and sanding as a preparation for following operations concerning treatment of surfaces, e.g. varnishing, staining, waxing, etc. For this purpose working brushes with natural or synthetic fibres with low hardness are used.
  • Polishing of surfaces after previous operations, e.g. fine sanding, waxing, staining, etc. For this purpose working tools – disks are used produced on a textile basis, various polishing felts, etc.
  • Finishing fine sanding on previously processed workpieces after previous rough sanding, milling, etc. For these purposes working tools – brushes are used produced, e.g. from foils of sanding materials on a textile or paper base or special disks equipped with fibres containing sanding components or disks with a combination of foils and fibres.
  • Surface treatment, structuring and brush graining. These working procedures serve for processing of surfaces of workpieces produced mainly from massive materials. The objective of these procedures is creation or emphasis of the natural structure of the wood. For this purpose a wide assortment of working tools – brushes is delivered – Selection of a suitable tool is derived from the requirement of the working procedure and the resulting required structure. The working parts of tools are in this case produced from natural, synthetic or metal fibres with various properties.


  • Motor 1 x 4 kW / 1 x 5,5 HP (300 B, 600 B)
  • Motor 2 x 4 kW / 2 x 5,5 HP (300 BB, 600 BB)
  • Outer tool diameter 120 – 300 mm
  • Independent height adjustment of sanding units
  • Shaft diameter 40 mm
  • Height adjustable rubber rollers
  • Motorized working unit height adjustment
  • Automatic star/delta switch
  • Two feed speeds 4,5/9 – m/min
  • Outboard bearing assembly included