TYPE 5 Knife Grinder

Machine Information

Machine Base

  • Box/cellular construction
  • Stress relieved base
  • Interior of base is open for easy access and cleaning
  • Easily aligned and leveled from outside along the length of the machine

Machine Ways

  • Accuracy along the length of the machine is better than .0005”/40” absolute
  • Machine ways are precisely ground to accommodate hardened and ground steel bands
  • Bands are placed on the top and inside of the carriage ways
  • The ways, under the bands, are specially coated to prevent rust
  • Bands can be easily and inexpensively replaced to maintain the grinders precise accuracy
  • Adjustable way wipers also included

Grinding Head Carriage

  • Easy access, operation, wheel changing, and adjustment from the front of the machine
  • Designed with distance between bearings for stability and accuracy
  • Provides even load distribution and maximum rigidity
  • Carried on four horizontal adjustable race roller bearings
  • Four bearings are used for carriage side alignment.

Grinding motor head is mounted on adjustable, hardened, ground guides


  • 15hp
  • 1800 RPM continuous duty rating
  • Dynamically balanced & manufactured by Reform Motor Division
  • Spindle mounted in precision taper roller bearings
  • Bearing play removed with a nut assembly on the grinding head motor
  • Motor is enclosed and sealed
  • Windings are encapsulated in epoxy
  • Head will articulate for concave & surface grinding
  • Reversing switch for main grinding motor included
  • Head is cross-adjustable for hollow positioning
  • 10” diameter grinding wheel & backing plate with a quick-change assembly

Grinding Head Down Feed & Control

  • Servo motor for vertical feed of the primary honing head
  • Vertical oversized ball screw eliminates any play
  • The ball screw is axially pre-tightened to ensure automatic weight balancing
  • The guide ways, spindle gear, and ball screws are mounted under covers
  • Way wipers to protect guides
  • Pre-tested with limit switches
  • Power rise and fall to grinding head assembly via electronic hand-wheel control
  • Automatic down feed is infinitely variable .0002” to .008” per pass (0.005 to 0.2 mm/pass)
  • Impulse down feed also included
    • For maximum available horsepower usage during grinding process
    • Used for wheel ware compensation
  • A.C. Servo motor automatic electronic down-feed system
    • Digital electronic control & position readout
    • Set finish point, grinder will proceed at a set down feed per stroke
    • Spark-Out Cycle, which is a preset number of strokes back and forth
    • Head returns to present location following full cycle

Grinding Programs

  • Grinding Cycle
  • Roughing
  • Finishing
  • Spark Out

Return of Head to Start Position for re-start

Longitudinal Carriage Feed System

  • A.C. Servo Drive – Infinitely variable feeds to the carriage (2” to 100 FPM)
  • The feed system utilizes a rack and pinion drive system (Helical / Angle Cut)
  • Rack is in approximately 40” long sections doweled into position for easy maintenance
  • Grinding Length can be easily varied by movement of length stops
  • Carriage is reversed by non-contacting proximity switches
  • Longitudinal travel can be easily started or stopped by electrical means
  • The Helical Pinion is belt driven so if there is a reverse failure
    • Belt will slip rather than hurt the pinion
    • Carriage will go to the end of the machine and contact rubber hydraulic shock absorbers

Coolant System

  • The coolant tank is at the rear along the length of the grinder
  • Coolant travels through the spindle of the main motor and outer edge of the grinding head
  • Mechanical valves control of flow to each coolant nozzle
  • Full flush cooling ensures a cool knife, clean wheel, and super wheel life
  • Cooling through the spindle also ensures constant motor temperature
  • The coolant, with the swarf, flows into the tank for final separation and cooling
  • Wash down hose supplied to clean knives and bed when grinding is complete

Optional Accessories:  Automatic coolant cleaners

Electrical Equipment

  • Touch screen control system mounted on carriage head
  • Remote Control furnished Mounted on the grinding carriage
  • Y-Delta starter for main grinding head
  • Soft start or low amperage start
  • Ammeter and hour meter for main grinding head
  • PLC Control
  • Electrical panel pre-wired and at left end of machine
  • Start, switch, and overload controls to U.L. and C.S.A. standards
  • Controls are clearly arranged, comprising the main start-stop buttons
  • All electrical components are Siemens
  • Safety systems included:
    • Feed will not start unless bed is magnetized
    • Down feed of grinding head is locked
    • Master All-Stop Button
  • Electronic Control Cabinet with conduit wiring acc. VDE regulation to UL/CSA standards
    • Coolant control, free standing, pre-wired for your voltage to machine

Magnetic Clamping Table

  • 6 inch (150 mm) wide magnetic bed
  • Sinusoidal pole for maximum holding power
  • DQ Magnetism for complete magnetism to front edge of the bed
  • Large turning shaft with pinion and gear turning
  • Large micrometer dial to magnetic bed
  • Special quick set-up knife aligning bar
  • Magnetic beds can be reground 12 mm or 0.45” as any ware or roughness develops

Electrical Central Lubrication System

  • Automatically distributes lubrication to key carriage components
  • Automated system controlled by timer
  • Eliminates the need for manual lubrication of many key components