MHS10 MKII WM4 Track Horizontal Band Resaw

Machine Information

  • Slatted steel 4 chain bed for timber width up to 1050mm.
  • Internal overhead feeding chains synchronised with chain bed with two wide rolls and three narrow rolls.
  • Total of three overhead pneumatic press rolls on infeed and outfeed. These rolls are independent to the main overhead roll assembly and provide additional control to the outside edges of the material being fed.
  • Two side support arms at machine infeed.
  • Pressure sawguide systems with rapid and easily changeable guide requiring no setting or adjustment.
  • Pneumatically operated saw straining.
  • Hinged main guard doors for ease of operation an interlocked to prevent start up if open.
  • Infinitely variable feed speed 2-15m/min.
  • Drip feed lubrication and cleaning system for sawblades and saw pulleys.
  • Cleaning system for sawblades and saw pulleys.
  • Operators control station including speed control and start stop controls.
  • Electrically operated screw driven rise and fall of saw positions
  • Ducting for sawdust extraction.
  • Line electrically complete requiring only incoming main supply to each saw unit.
  • 45Kw complete electric drive with frequency control of motor output speed providing steplessly variable blade speeds of 30-50m/sec.
  • Air knife system with high pressure air jet assisting in removal of sawdust between boards. Including sensors to detect presence of timber and activate air flow and connection point for customers’ dust extraction pipe.