48108DT 48″ x 108″ Downdraft Table

Machine Information

  • Innovative high friction and non-scuffing tabletop mats
  • Advanced self-opening tabletop offering immediate access to filters
  • Unique recessed base for workers comfort
  • Revolutionary design using three dual inlet blowers generating over 6000 CFM
  • Super quiet blower design operating under 80 dB

The Model 48108TD downdraft table offers a 48’’ x 108’’ working area. This downdraft table has been conceived for small to medium furniture or cabinet shop. The unit is engineered for moderate to heavy sanding work on wood pieces coming in varying sizes.

The table comes with three high efficiency air blowers capable of generating over 6000 CFM.

Tabletop Features

Innovative anti-slip and non-scuffing mats:

These indestructible half-inch thick mats secure parts in place and protect work from denting.


Special recessed base design offers foot clearance for workers comfort.  The tabletop surface is accessible from 360° around.

Ease of maintenance:

The gas-cylinder assisted tabletop is fully counter balanced and auto-blocking for easy opening with one hand.  This unique feature gives easy access to filters and inner chamber for maintenance.

Filter Features

Innovative design:

Filters act as dust trays to capture 100% of collected dust particles. They can be easily cleaned and replaced in less than one minute!

Flexible Concept:

Can integrate a variety of panel filter types and thicknesses that can be selected to optimize both filtration performance and durability for your application.

Blower Features

Blowers are located on the clean side of filters for trouble free extended life. This feature also permits the use of a new generation of direct drive, high efficiency and super quiet blowers which generate 25% more suction with 25% less horsepower, thus saving energy.

Each blower is located in a separate compartment within the base area making it possible to individually operate either side of the table in a pull configuration. This airflow design generates an even suction distribution all the way to the edges.