Used MX330 Automatic Edgebander


Machine Information

High Efficiency Glue Pot
2.4 lbs.(1.1 kg) capacity glue pot accepts granulated glue and is  Teflon coated for quick & convenient cleaning.  The 5-heating elements bring the glue pot up to the desired  temperature quickly. Automatic glue temperature lowering  when machine is not in use.

Glue Spindle
A steel serrated glue roller applies the hot melt glue to the edge of the panel. The glue amount can be conveniently adjusted by the operator for optimum glue amount for various panels and edge material.

Pressure Section & Automatic End Trim
Two pressure rollers ensure edgebanding is applied firmly on the panel: 1st floating (larger diameter), 2nd fixed. Both are chrome plated for long life and easy cleaning. Dual blade (Ø3.15” – 80mm) end trim saw with tracing reference device ensure the edgebanding is trimmed perfectly to the edge of the panel.

Top & Bottom Trimming Unit
The copy disc roller ensures the most accurate flush trimming as it traces the panel and adjusts to any panel thickness  variance. The cutters are adjusted in & out by mechanical digital readouts for changing over between bevel and radius trimming. Cutters are insert type with solid carbide inserts which are dual 15° bevel & .118”(3mm) radius

Buffing Station
Top & bottom buffing units can be positioned to the desired location. The buffing unit cleans and polishes the edge producing a finished edge.

User Friendly Control Panel
All functions are controlled by an industrial PLC control. Working units can be turned on and off individually when not required. Glue temperature is electronically controlled and is automatically lowered when the machine is not in use. This ensures the quality of the glue and also allows for a quick heat up time when needed.