Used 300/GYRO-1300 VAC Sander / Brush Denibber

Machine Information

FLADDER® 300/GYRO is equipped with a powerful gear head mounted with 6 cone spindles on which different kind of spindles can be used.

The spindles are in pairs counter rotating while the complete gearhead is performing an oscillating and rotating movement over the surface of the work piece.

  • The central head carrying the tools is an extremely strong and compact unit.
  • The gear head is mounted in an ingenious, unique scissortype suspension system.
  • By means of a powerful vacuum system even small work pieces are held safely during the process. The width of the vacuum belt is 1300 mm.
  • The control panel including a touchscreen ensures an easy and manageable operation of the machine.
  • The machine body is powder coated and solid built with strong shields that offers a perfect view of the process through the large windows.

Energy friendly

  • Fladder Danmark is focused on saving energy.
  • As an option the vacuum motor can be controlled by a frequency inverter. When processing large pieces the vacuum effect can then be set to only the half and thereby save energy.
  • The other motors in the machine are as standard controlled by frequency inverters.
  • Another option is an energy saving system, that works by means of a laser beam that detects the flow of work pieces in the machine. If the flow of work pieces stops the machine will stepwise be shut down. This saves energy and avoid unnecessary wear of the tools and the machine.