Used Buldog 9 FRRC Widebelt Sander

Machine Information

High performance robust machine suitable for production lines – the machine can be fitted with various aggregates. It is designed for the highest demands for performance and operating load.

Designed for sanding workpieces made from wood, wood base composite materials, paper and some plastic materials and metals.

  • 1st head – 50HP (37kW) motor, two position rubbered roller Ø 240 mm, 90Sh
  • 2nd head – 40HP (30 kW) motor, two position rubbered roller Ø 240 mm, 60Sh
  • 3rd head – 30HP (22 kW) motor, two position rubbered roller Ø 240 mm, 45Sh

Standard Equipment:

  • Sanding belt size 1630mm x 2620 mm
  • NC machine control, color Touchscreen 10,4″
  • Automatic star/delta switch
  • Feed belt motor frequency inverter – speed 3 – 15 m/min
  • Amperemeters for motors of sanding units
  • Infrared sensor control of sanding belt oscillation
  • Fixed table height, adjustable sanding unit (upper part of the machine),
  • Table height 900 mm
  • Motorized height adjustment of sanding unit
  • Workpiece thickness measuring – positioner
  • Automatic adjustment of sanding unit to set position
  • Electronic height correction by abrasive belt grit size
  • Programmable adjustment of sanding rollers
  • Automatic feed belt tracking
  • Rubbered pressure rollers
  • Main motor pneumatic disc brake
  • Pressure switch 3,5 – 4,0 bar
  • Air pressure regulation for sanding belt tension 2,5 – 5,5 bar
  • Sanding belts Noise reduction features