Used QSV-40 Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump

Machine Information

No Other Vacuum Technology Can Compare

Industrial vacuum applications require tough, efficient vacuum pumps that can withstand the strenuous pressures of these intense working environments. There are many compelling reasons to consider using Quincy QSVI series rotary screw vacuum technology:

REASON #1 – EFFICIENCY. Compare delivered ACFM per input horsepower to any other design and you will find that Quincy rotary screw vacuum pumps outperform all industry standards.

REASON #2 – LIFE CYCLE. QSVI vacuum products are designed with compressor duty bearings in a compressor service airend. This translates into extended product life and lower cost of ownership.

REASON #3 – CONTROLS. The modulating inlet valve provides a dual function. One, to protect site vacuum level, and two, energy savings. Both these functions translate into dollar savings.

REASON #4 – PACKAGING. These vacuum pump packages are supplied standard with full electricals, inlet filtration, base frame and controls. Connect to the system, plug it in and go.

The Winning Combination

No other technology offers all these advantages in one package and no other technology is supported with as strong a service and support network. As a vacuum pump user, you benefit from the combination of powerful features and unparalleled support.

No Restrictions On Inlet Volume For Pumpdown

Special airend porting on QSVI products allows for full delivered capacity from atmospheric pressure to full vacuum. This means better protection for your system from sudden demand events. Competitive models utilize inlet restrictions that decrease the available capacity during system pumpdown. If system vacuum suddenly falls, other vacuum pumps have to protect themselves from over powering the drive motor. QSVI products protect your system by maintaining full flow at any vacuum level.

No Seal Water Requirements

QSVI products all come standard as air-cooled machines and utilize no seal-water flow for normal operation. This means that you save money on water consumption and sewer charges. Note that there are additional savings on cooling tower operation if tower water is used.